The View is surrounded by wonderful landscapes, with coastal areas waiting to be explored by walking, by bicycle, or by boat. Come visit us and experience life like a true local.

The Best Beaches of San Foca

A glimpse at the famous beaches of San Foca, heavenly corners for relaxation and fun in the splendid setting of Salento. Here is a list of the best spots.

Olive Harvest at Fondo Baronali

In October, join us for the olive harvest in an ancient olive grove, with production of "Filo" olive oil in the mill and tasting.

Le Sarei farm

Visit and tasting of local cheeses at Le Sarei farm, a story of quality and dedication born in the countryside of Puglia.

To the beat of "salsa"!

Preparing Tomato Sauce in Puglia: An Authentic Experience to Live... and Taste! From the garden to the table.

Let's pull some "ears"

Live an unforgettable experience by booking a course to learn how to make homemade fresh pasta, a true symbol of Puglian culinary tradition.

San Foca by boat

Explore the Adriatic coast with our boat excursion: an unforgettable adventure! Filippo and Diego will be your captains.

Marine Adventure with Escursioni San Foca

Discover the Adriatic coast with Escursioni San Foca. Captain Mauro will lead you through sea caves and crystal-clear waters, with onboard aperitifs! A safe and welcoming experience in harmony with th

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